Mobile Botox Clinic

If you enjoy the company of friends, family, and colleagues, what could be better than having this paired with learning about anti-aging skin care products and the opportunity for a rejuvenating Botox treatment? We have the solution: Mobile Botox Clinic!

When you host a MBC, you and your guests will gain education regarding skin care and be able to have a Botox treatment in a fun, relaxing environment from a medical professional. A party is the perfect solution for a bridal party, birthday celebration, girls’ night out, and or a couples’ night. It’s also a great idea for company holiday parties.

House Rules

If you are planning to host a Mobile Botox Clinic, call or text 605-415-4448 with the date and time you are interested in booking and we will provide additional information. We request that you give us at least one week to prepare for your party.

The host/ess will receive 25 units of Botox complimentary for each 150 units of Botox purchased at $11/unit. The average patient requires a minimum of 30 units of either Botox. Each guests is required to pay a deposit of $50. The deposit amount will be applied to the Botox treatment received at the MBC. If a guest is unable to attend, they will have 30 days to redeem their deposit from the party. If the MBC needs to be rescheduled, this can be done for one time at no cost. If a date needs to be rescheduled for a second time, we require an additional $100 deposit, which can be applied to Botox or refunded at the time of the party.

When scheduling the mobile Botox clinic, guests will be sent an email for patient portal access which will allow them to fill out consents, medical history, and before-and-after care. The host and guests of the party must fill this information out and submit it at least one day prior to the party. If this information is not filled out, treatment may be denied.

Host/ess may bank complimentary units of Botox for future use. Guests may buy additional Botox units for future use at the discounted rate. Guests booking a future party will earn 15 units of Botox if they purchase at least 50 units of Botox at the current MBC. All banked, additional units purchased, and earned units must be used within 6 months of the party they are obtained at. Alcohol may not be consumed by clients before or during Botox procedures.

Important Things to Know About Botox Parties

  • Only certified USA Botox Allergan products will be used.
  • A thorough medical history will be taken along with a review of medications and medical issues.
  • Photographs may be taken before injections for facial analysis and will not be used for any purpose other than before-and-after comparisons if needed, unless otherwise agreed and documented by staff and client.
  • Consent forms will be reviewed and signed prior to any treatment.
  • Follow-up care instructions will be provided to every patient.
  • Every client will be offered a complimentary follow-up visit to ensure that the injections meet or exceed expectations. Five complimentary units will be provided at this follow-up visit for any minor adjustments. These units must be used within three weeks of the injection at the mobile Botox clinic. This is a one-time complimentary service and will not be offered after subsequent treatments.
  • Anyone desiring a private consultation can be scheduled at the studio for no additional charge.
  • Aseptic technique will be used with each injection.
  • Heidi Glood, FNP-C carries her own malpractice insurance.
  • Cicily Durr, RN, aesthetic nurse, may also inject at parties.
  • There is no pressure or obligation to receive any injection or treatment.
  • Clients will not be treated if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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